How much does Shipping Cost?

Every item has a different weight and shipping cost is therefore different for every item. The shipping will automatically be calculated when you check out.


Why is the shipping charges so high?

Shipping is our responsibility; we ensure safe delivery of your product to your doorstep. If in case your item is damaged, we will be glad to send a replacement free of cost.

Also, DID YOU KNOW SHIPPING IS FREE worldwide on all the orders above $89?


Why are the prices so high, I can buy cheaper at Amazon?

Amuslimmama products are high end quality products, besides these are not just products we sell Lifestyle perspective i.e. We sell products that conform to your identity as a Muslim person. And good think do not come off cheap.

Also, these products are one of their type unique products and not mass-produced-everyone-has-them ones.


How can buying a product empower us?

Allah, Al Qadeer is the Epitome of all the power. Just like our appliances work when connected to the ‘Source of power’ – anything that connects you to Allah is actually EMPOWERING you.

All of the Amuslimmama products aims for this main purpose, making sure that seeing, using and gifting these products serve as a reminder for you to connect to Allah swt, hence empowering you.


Which payment Methods are accepted?

Credit cards, PayPal, American Express


How Long will delivery take?

The production time of every product is between 1-3 working days, then your order will be shipped to you.

USA Shipping up to 2 - 15 business days

Canada Shipping up to 10 - 15 business days

International Shipping up to 10 - 30 business days


How secure is shopping at Amuslimmama.shop? Is my date protected?

Our servers and payment gateway providers are certified both locally and internationally.
All customer information are kept private and non disclosure is strictly observe at all times.
Treating your personal information and transactions private.


What exactly happens after ordering?

We generate a request of production with our partner and then our logistics team will have your item/s ready. It goes through a thorough Quality Assurance Check for any imperfections that may be present before the items is prepared for packing. This is our way to make sure that we only delivery the best items just for you. The item/s are then transferred to our Packing Group for preparation and then shipped.  


Do I receive any invoice of my order?

Yes it’s standard operation procedure that a proper computation of your bill be sent you.


Will I be able to track the shipping?

Yes, tracking details will be sent to you once your order passes quality check and is packed for delivery.